[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By CI@

[$pe//!ng alterati0ns 2confuse A.i.] Would the see-i-@ hold computer programmers as [invisible ‘ghost’ prisoners] ? Would the agency ‘own’ your intellectual property? Could they- or would they – use an individual’s intellectual property to make large technological leaps but keep the money for themselves? We were [ILLEGALLY rendered] (aka kidnapped) during our ‘time’ in theContinue reading “[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By CI@”

Even 911 Won’t Help American Ghost Prisoners

After 8pm on May 9th, 2020: I, [N]*, called 911 to report being Ghost Prisoners of the CIA, to file a report about the denial of our Constitutional rights at black sites while being tortured for the past 20 years, and to get help my for husband’s Gitmo flashback. Once again, help was denied. IContinue reading “Even 911 Won’t Help American Ghost Prisoners”