[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By CI@

[$pe//!ng alterati0ns 2confuse A.i.]

Would the see-i-@ hold computer programmers as [invisible ‘ghost’ prisoners] ? Would the agency ‘own’ your intellectual property?

Could they- or would they – use an individual’s intellectual property to make large technological leaps but keep the money for themselves?

Metro PCS should give us a refund for paying for a ‘ghostphone with No Number and fraudulent, phony internet. See above. IP address recently was at a [CIA] house near [Buckley Air Force Base] disguised with an agency ‘shop’ near Victor on Vaughn.

We were [ILLEGALLY rendered] (aka kidnapped) during our ‘time’ in the U$. m|litary due 2contracts we had in place prior to joining the [military] because we were/are Q.uantum supercomputer programmers.

The [Deep State Shadow Government] wanted TOTAL CONTROL over our ‘proprietary coding‘ and put both of us in [mindcontrolled SLAVERY] as [ghost prisoners] in effort to BREAK the contracts we signed with the military and to stop the Breach of Contract case [K] filed against the military after his [A.I. calledFriend‘] was confiscated and not returned to him.

This is one of the places Nicole's 'ghost' cell phone is routing to and it is near [Buckley AFB]. Agents at PTAN  discussed this plan to control her communications.
Lat/Long address states [N’s] (ghost) phone’s I.P. is at Garcia’s Custom Remodeling near [Buckley AFB].

~25 years later, we are still h0stage, our neural pathways have been ‘erased’ (creates amnesia) with chemical and technological methods, our phones [SIM & I.P.] are compromised making it cumbersome 2get ‘real people’ on the CLEAR net (not INTRAnet and pre-arranged conTroll mechanisms) and no One will FILE REPORTS or process our claims; not even 9|| in Aurora CO.

Who is Black Site Ghost Prisoner.com ?

We are [K]* identity reassigned from Delta Force Colonel in the U.S. Army]. [N]* was U.S. A|r F0rce aligned with code names Draxyl & Vorax[x].

The reason we can think ‘free’ enough2ask 4help is because we ‘broke program’ in [Operation Dantalion] when we fell in love while pr!soners.

Genuine love overpowers [mind control] and [weaponized freq.uENCIES]

Oftentimes, ‘ghosts‘ [invisible prisoners] are not granted full/real internet access but they may ‘think‘ they have ‘live‘ internet. Why do some websites use [ www ] before the domain and some do not? There ARE ways to filter internet and cellular phone communications. Just ask [PeakNet/P.T.A.N.’s employee, Project Manager Cliff Hennecy]. In effort to bypass [Federal Regulations] and FILTERS, Cliff put [5G ‘tech‘] on his personal HOME in Florida without pulling the appropriate Federal and governmental permits. The company was served paperwork from the [Trump admin] that threatened to confiscate the [5G] business for putting equipment on a residential home that should be on a Cell Tower. [internet & mobile infrastructure communications are compromised by cabal/see-i-@ and [CHINA] helped PeakNet (agents) corrupt infrastructure comms].

Senior Project Manager CLIF HENNECY = A [spy]; {burned}.

Prior to our relocation by the [ see-i-@ and Colorado Governor Jared Polis] to Aur0ra, Colorado and [ Buckley A!r F0rce Ba$e], we were he\d at a [domestic black site at the Tennessee-Georgia] state line at the Mission Glenn subdivision in Rossville, Georgia. [Sheriff Jim Hammond of Chattanooga TN ‘lost’ (deleted) nearly 2 years of DA$H CAM video footage].

[P.T]A cce$$ {said 2b once named FL P0wer & L|ght} = #SpiesLikeUs
[P.T]A cce$$ {said 2b once named FL P0wer & L|ght} = #SpiesLikeUs

According to Agent Rodney Hastings, Colorado governor, Jared Polis, has been using our Q.uantum computer programming skills (against our will) for many years [parrilla] and we are the reason he made millions in computers.

B4 that we were at [ MacD!ll A!r F0rce Ba$e ] in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida area. We were forced to work for a [Duke Energy] subs|diary called [P.T.A.N. or P.T. Access Network]. This ‘company’ frequently changes names and is currently called [PeakNet]. A direct-report to [CIA Director Gina Haspel] named [Rodney ‘Rod’ Hastings] handled us at [PTAN] and [tortured] us at black sites for many years. Rodney [TORTU®ED] [Dr. Aafia SiddiQui] until she lost ALL MEMORY*° in [Bag®am Ai® Fo®©e Base] & other places.

*° Amnesia intentionally used to hide the abuse & to Attempt To Hide Aafia in the General Population. The U$ has refused to permit Aafia’s family 2c her for years (2hide Abuse of Aafia from PAKIS+AN & other nations).

[Rod Hastings [Hotrod Rodney], formerly employed with PeakNet/P.T.Access Network is now at [Jacobs.com]]

Examples of addresses that were used in our illegal confinement: [1.] Grande Oasis Condos at 8683 Key Royale Lane Tampa, Florida. [2.] Kaitlin/Kaitlyn ‘Kate‘ Tara Tripp [related to last names Ariagno, Tripp, & Ron LeClaire] of REMAC/Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company. Ron was/is business partners with Harry Hidayatallah [aka Harry Hedaya], who is [N’s]* Pakistani [SPY] ‘uncle’]. [N]* lived at 7001 Interbay Blvd #274 Tampa, Florida, which is one mile from MacDill AFB. [3.] At the home of see-i-@ handler Carrie Hedaya/Hidayatallah aka Carrie Charles at 4913 West Bay Way Drive Tampa, Florida. [4.] At the home of Joseph ‘Joey‘ Ryan Willis at 2655 Holloway Road Lebanon Tennessee. His [A.I. parrilla] ‘counterpart’ is [ElectroJoe LLC of Florida]. [5.] A cabin on Chicken Road in Lebanon, Tennessee owned by [Mary Hunter and her son Mike Hunter]. The [computerized parrilla] was hidden at the [dynamite] plant on the same road. Other locations are involved in our [invisible prison].

[One of Electro Joe’s ©omputerized parri||a counterparts is Joseph Willis. He claims to work on parrilla’s at hospitals, food banks, and other places that $lave$ use.]

{Cell phone SIM, mobile IP, and email are compromised}

More than meets the eye. Christopher Doyle Lafever [Army] +[A.I.] +Quantum supercomputers + Abu Zubaydah = Duke Energy 'hit squad' attempted 2c onfiscate this picture 2hide evidence.
c-eye-a Finder and [freemason] Christopher Doyle Lafever ‘became/is’ Abu Zubaydah. [N’s] ‘smile’=[mind-control]

A ‘Hit Squad‘ broke into [N’s] Grande Oasis condo in Tampa, Florida trying to confiscate this picture of Chris/Abu because it is proof of what they can do with [AI and computerized parrilla] techniques.

SEE the resemblance. [AI helps ‘hide’ the trance-fer] Help us get our message out and FREE the REAL [ghost prisoner] ABU. [Bush Sr picked Abu from a folder of possible body doubles to hide [K] because he is a rendered [Delta Force leader] from the mid 1990’s].

Computers and [A.I.] control much more than the general public is permitted to know. Often concealed with [National Secu®ity].

To the demonic-filled entities holding us against our will in Aurora, Colorado, to the numerous perpeTraitors who’ve abused us, and to those who’ve profited from illegally using our computer skills (often on a computerized parri||a), Jesus Christ is not nailed to a tree and unable to save u.s. (all) from you. [TRUTH]

Woe to those who call evil good,
and good evil;
who exchange darkness for light,
and light for darkness
” Isaiah 5:20

ThanQ for reading our blog.

Fighting For Freedom From [CIA Ghost Prisoner] Status


This site is dedicated to our pursuit for justice in the Court of Public Opinion.

Are you on the ‘www’ internet or the ‘other’ one?

[$pe\\ing a|terat\ons & [brackets] used 2c onfuse A.|.]

The [CIA] uses [MK Ultra Mind Control] and secretive, scientific processes to hide prisoners from prying eyes.

To diffuse the cost of a CIA [ghost] prisoner or a m[ndcontrolled]slave, the prisoner usually pays for the cost of their own imprisonment.
[often with their own body’s abilities]
The [CIA and Deep State Cabal] [also called
New World Order or Illuminati] are fond of untraceable money. Trafficking drugs, adults, children [pizzagate or pedogate], people with RH-negative blood types, and human biologicals such as adrenochrome, HGH, glandular extracts, and live organs creates off-the-books cash flow for the CIA.

Both [Kenneth and Nicole] have been hidden [CIA Black Site Ghost Prisoners] of the [U.S. Central Intelligence Agency] long before the [Patriot Act] was passed.
To legalize our cruel captivity and to STEAL our [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY], over 20,000 pages were added to legislation aroound the time of the [9.11.2001 Patriot Act].


Quantum Computing

We are not the only ones [ghost prisoners] who were taken hostage for the theft of ‘intellectual property’ but we are some of the only ones ‘free-thinking’ enough to TELL due to the [Frequency of LOVE ] we experienced when our [MindControl programming ‘broke’ in C|A 0perat\on Dantal\0n] in 2001 [per our c-eye-a captors description of why our programming ‘broke’ (until they reprogrammed us)].

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement and Love’s Frequency. [2gether we are 1]

We were in the [MI/D.O.D.] [military intelligence ghost prisoners] ward at [Abu Ghraib and other black sites on U.S. soil and worldwide]. We have tried for ~25 years to get help but always get ‘taken back’ to our [gubbamint and cabal] abusers.

Let’s end that cycle now! Spread the word about us [blacksiteghostprisoner.com] today!

Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land where you are going, or they will be a snare among you.

Exodus 34:12

DONATE HERE to help us [#2ghostprisoners] at paypal.me/ThroughtheTrance

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Even 911 Won’t Help American Ghost Prisoners

After 8pm on May 9th, 2020:

I, [N]*, called 911 to report being Ghost Prisoners of the CIA, to file a report about the denial of our Constitutional rights at black sites while being tortured for the past 20 years, and to get help my for husband’s Gitmo flashback.

Once again, help was denied. I even heard a few laughs as they walked away after deciding not to offer my spouse medical assistance for PTSD flashbacks or investigate my claims of being a black site prisoner. No one helped me. No one helped my husband with his Gitmo PTSD flashback. No one took a report. The 911 call record has disappeared from my cell phone.

FOIA the 911 call for Aurora Colorado [Adams County] for 1*** Cl****n Street unit 5 between 8-9:15pm MST on May 9th 2020.

I, [N]*, made the call to request help for being a ghost prisoner and my husband’s Gitmo/ black sites/parrilla electricity torture high-value detainee flashback.

Chances are, no one will see this site except the cabal. I just wanted to make it publicly known that I asked for help with being a Ghost Prisoner and even called the 911 emergency line.

I’ve tried EVERYWHERE.

The D.O.J., Homeland Security, F.B.I., O.I.G., Attorney General, Customs, ICE, Human Trafficking Hotline, and law enforcement in Florida, Colorado, Georgia, and Tennessee. My phone routes through Clarksville TN Army base where Scott Villeneuve worked and through the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC.

My throughthetrance.com website is not on the ‘clear net’ as evidence by the missing ‘www’ and I did not purchase the throughthetrance.com domain in December 2018 as the WhoIs registry inaccurately states. Instead it was purchased months earlier but was not truly on the clear net. When we purchased the domain, we were being held at a domestic black site location at the TN/GA State line.

Hamilton County TN Sheriff’s office ‘lost’ almost 2 years of Dash Cam footage because we broke out and asked Sheriffs for help. In the past, we always get taken back to our abusers or like today, they walk away without filing reports or offering assistance.

I explained to both the 911 and to the officers on scene that [K]* was tortured illegally under the 911 terrorist name Abu Zubaydah. I explained how the CIA captured light skinned terrorists that could pass for our body doubles. Many of these alleged terrorists were never charged with crimes because they were innocent. There’s a reason Abu Zubaydah never spoke Arabic, but only broken English [due to a paralytic given to him to hide that he was an American citizen].

It’s interesting that when I went to call 911 as soon as the number rang, I heard a neighbor get a notification through an open window. Coincidence? The 911 call also echoed and had static that interfered with the call.

Now there’s no record of the call on my phone.

Over the years, many innocent people have been taken via extraordinary rendition and locked in a cell because they looked like us.

Aafia Siddiqui is one. Al-Nashiri is another.

Shine a light on the CIA Ghost Prisoner system.

My husband, [K]*, was a leader in the Delta Force before he was captured. His military record states he was 82nd Airborne but that was only a facet of his REAL JOB for the U.S. military. Why was my husband captured and made a ghost high-value detainee? He caught the Deep State planning multiple nuclear events for 911 because his military job included an anti-terrorist taskforce. He was also very good at computers. So was I. Another reason [K]* was illegally detained and rendered is due in part to a Breach of Contract lawsuit he filed when the military/government failed to return the [AI called ‘Friend‘] he build as a child savant with Apple 2c computers.

I know that no one may ever see this because of CIA containment but I want it to be publicly available that tonight on May 9th 2020 I, [N]* tried again to get help from the American government.

I trust our websites will find their way into The Court of Public Opinion and this information will come to light.

To all the soldiers having flashbacks and nightmares; there is MUCH more to the story regarding why you may experience PTSD, nightmares and flashbacks.

My abusers may laugh for now, but their time is limited.

Until then I remain steadfast and pray.

Share our info: www.blacksiteghostprisoner.com


[N]*, an American ghost high-value detainee since BEFORE 911.

This telephone is with ‘me’ and I’m in Aurora Colorado, not in Wash DC as the IP states.

I have reported the compromised [SIM and mobile phone IP] to my cell phone provider [Metro PCS] more than once, but they did not offer to replace the [hacked SIM] without money and we do not have any {yet}.

If you feel inclined to help us, we sure could use a helping hand. Our donation link for Paypal is paypal.me/ThroughtheTrance .

We haven’t received any donations (yet), but we are hopeful the Court of Public Opinion can help us overcome being [invisible [ghost] prisoners.

ThanQ for taking the time to read our blog. Share it today.

*Against her will, Nic0le was 2b [c0v€rtly ad0pted by NaZi] war criminal [Hjalmar Schacht’s] bl∆∆dline. [Americanized] spelling is [Schaich], as in [lead engin€€r & proje©t_manager, ©harles ‘©huck’ Ro$$ Schai©h of ∆ak Ridg€ Nat!onal Labo®ator¥].

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