About Us

Defying All Odds, Two Black Site Ghost Prisoners Found Love

Meet [K]* and [N]*.

Both were Black Site ghost detainees during the 9|| [war on terr0r]; both were taken hostage years before 9|| for their intellectual property; for their Q.uantum computer coding skills; for governmental/military contracts; a Breach of Contract case [A.I. called ‘Friend’] that [K]* filed prior to being illegally taken prisoner; and the litany of things they encountered in the line of duty.

Their erroneous imprisonment in the C|A’s Hell-On-Earth Black Site prison system benefited those who profited from the technological advancements made with their uniQue coding since [9]] across all computer platforms and distribution$.

Love Is

Together we are one. [quantum entanglement]

[K]* and [N]*

We are referred to as 'LIVE' Ghost Prisoners. 
'Live' = Aware of 'Invisible Imprisonment'
#illegallyrendered #illegallydetained #keptforuseofIntellectualProperty #quantumcomputers #AI #computercoding
In effort to [x], [N]* made designs on her clothes in May 2020 and wore them to stores and walking [for a.i., etc 2c]. Aurora CO police still refuse to acknowledge our claims, file reports, and investigate (yet).

2predators with [castrated] gen|tals #bititoff (in self defense) while being [#humantrafficked]

Another Crime Scene truck at the 1900 block of Clin-t0n Street in Aur0ra, Col0rado; Adams C0unty. How many deaths has this area had? Multiple crime scene vans during our 1 year lease 'seen' in front of our home/street.
#ghostprisonerhousing #contractors
July 27, 2020: Outside our front window is another Crime Scene van and Coroner/Medical Examiner, Detectives with clipboards, ambulance, and firetruck. Similar scenario the prior day on July 26, 2020. WHY so many DEAD BODIES?

[TRUTH] about coronavirus mask$. Why is the #truth about virology, infectious diseases, and mandatory masks suppressed from MSM? Study (declassified) patents 4insight.
Masks were discussed in 2018 at [Duke Energy-owned subsidiary] PeakNet/P.T. Attachment/P.T.Access Network in St. Petersburg, Florida. [5.5 Feet, a.i./quantum computers, masks (hiding from A.I. powered facial recognition) and 6 feet ‘social distancing’ was/is planned.]

In 2018, George Floyd’s《pre-planned》 Made-for-T.V. Public-Execution-By-Cop was discussed-in-detail with Duke Energy/PeakNet {aka P.T.A.N.} ’employees’, and Ch-eye-nah; ~ [In-Tell-A-Lie @gEnT$]¤

《2c Two Live Ghost Prisoners》


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