[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By CI@

[$pe//!ng alterati0ns 2confuse A.i.]

Would the see-i-@ hold computer programmers as [invisible ‘ghost’ prisoners] ? Would the agency ‘own’ your intellectual property?

Could they- or would they – use an individual’s intellectual property to make large technological leaps but keep the money for themselves?

Metro PCS should give us a refund for paying for a ‘ghostphone with No Number and fraudulent, phony internet. See above. IP address recently was at a [CIA] house near [Buckley Air Force Base] disguised with an agency ‘shop’ near Victor on Vaughn.

We were [ILLEGALLY rendered] (aka kidnapped) during our ‘time’ in the U$. m|litary due 2contracts we had in place prior to joining the [military] because we were/are Q.uantum supercomputer programmers.

The [Deep State Shadow Government] wanted TOTAL CONTROL over our ‘proprietary coding‘ and put both of us in [mindcontrolled SLAVERY] as [ghost prisoners] in effort to BREAK the contracts we signed with the military and to stop the Breach of Contract case [K] filed against the military after his [A.I. calledFriend‘] was confiscated and not returned to him.

This is one of the places Nicole's 'ghost' cell phone is routing to and it is near [Buckley AFB]. Agents at PTAN  discussed this plan to control her communications.
Lat/Long address states [N’s] (ghost) phone’s I.P. is at Garcia’s Custom Remodeling near [Buckley AFB].

~25 years later, we are still h0stage, our neural pathways have been ‘erased’ (creates amnesia) with chemical and technological methods, our phones [SIM & I.P.] are compromised making it cumbersome 2get ‘real people’ on the CLEAR net (not INTRAnet and pre-arranged conTroll mechanisms) and no One will FILE REPORTS or process our claims; not even 9|| in Aurora CO.

Who is Black Site Ghost Prisoner.com ?

We are [K]* identity reassigned from Delta Force Colonel in the U.S. Army]. [N]* was U.S. A|r F0rce aligned with code names Draxyl & Vorax[x].

The reason we can think ‘free’ enough2ask 4help is because we ‘broke program’ in [Operation Dantalion] when we fell in love while pr!soners.

Genuine love overpowers [mind control] and [weaponized freq.uENCIES]

Oftentimes, ‘ghosts‘ [invisible prisoners] are not granted full/real internet access but they may ‘think‘ they have ‘live‘ internet. Why do some websites use [ www ] before the domain and some do not? There ARE ways to filter internet and cellular phone communications. Just ask [PeakNet/P.T.A.N.’s employee, Project Manager Cliff Hennecy]. In effort to bypass [Federal Regulations] and FILTERS, Cliff put [5G ‘tech‘] on his personal HOME in Florida without pulling the appropriate Federal and governmental permits. The company was served paperwork from the [Trump admin] that threatened to confiscate the [5G] business for putting equipment on a residential home that should be on a Cell Tower. [internet & mobile infrastructure communications are compromised by cabal/see-i-@ and [CHINA] helped PeakNet (agents) corrupt infrastructure comms].

Senior Project Manager CLIF HENNECY = A [spy]; {burned}.

Prior to our relocation by the [ see-i-@ and Colorado Governor Jared Polis] to Aur0ra, Colorado and [ Buckley A!r F0rce Ba$e], we were he\d at a [domestic black site at the Tennessee-Georgia] state line at the Mission Glenn subdivision in Rossville, Georgia. [Sheriff Jim Hammond of Chattanooga TN ‘lost’ (deleted) nearly 2 years of DA$H CAM video footage].

[P.T]A cce$$ {said 2b once named FL P0wer & L|ght} = #SpiesLikeUs
[P.T]A cce$$ {said 2b once named FL P0wer & L|ght} = #SpiesLikeUs

According to Agent Rodney Hastings, Colorado governor, Jared Polis, has been using our Q.uantum computer programming skills (against our will) for many years [parrilla] and we are the reason he made millions in computers.

B4 that we were at [ MacD!ll A!r F0rce Ba$e ] in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida area. We were forced to work for a [Duke Energy] subs|diary called [P.T.A.N. or P.T. Access Network]. This ‘company’ frequently changes names and is currently called [PeakNet]. A direct-report to [CIA Director Gina Haspel] named [Rodney ‘Rod’ Hastings] handled us at [PTAN] and [tortured] us at black sites for many years. Rodney [TORTU®ED] [Dr. Aafia SiddiQui] until she lost ALL MEMORY*° in [Bag®am Ai® Fo®©e Base] & other places.

*° Amnesia intentionally used to hide the abuse & to Attempt To Hide Aafia in the General Population. The U$ has refused to permit Aafia’s family 2c her for years (2hide Abuse of Aafia from PAKIS+AN & other nations).

[Rod Hastings [Hotrod Rodney], formerly employed with PeakNet/P.T.Access Network is now at [Jacobs.com]]

Examples of addresses that were used in our illegal confinement: [1.] Grande Oasis Condos at 8683 Key Royale Lane Tampa, Florida. [2.] Kaitlin/Kaitlyn ‘Kate‘ Tara Tripp [related to last names Ariagno, Tripp, & Ron LeClaire] of REMAC/Real Estate Mortgage Acceptance Company. Ron was/is business partners with Harry Hidayatallah [aka Harry Hedaya], who is [N’s]* Pakistani [SPY] ‘uncle’]. [N]* lived at 7001 Interbay Blvd #274 Tampa, Florida, which is one mile from MacDill AFB. [3.] At the home of see-i-@ handler Carrie Hedaya/Hidayatallah aka Carrie Charles at 4913 West Bay Way Drive Tampa, Florida. [4.] At the home of Joseph ‘Joey‘ Ryan Willis at 2655 Holloway Road Lebanon Tennessee. His [A.I. parrilla] ‘counterpart’ is [ElectroJoe LLC of Florida]. [5.] A cabin on Chicken Road in Lebanon, Tennessee owned by [Mary Hunter and her son Mike Hunter]. The [computerized parrilla] was hidden at the [dynamite] plant on the same road. Other locations are involved in our [invisible prison].

[One of Electro Joe’s ©omputerized parri||a counterparts is Joseph Willis. He claims to work on parrilla’s at hospitals, food banks, and other places that $lave$ use.]

{Cell phone SIM, mobile IP, and email are compromised}

More than meets the eye. Christopher Doyle Lafever [Army] +[A.I.] +Quantum supercomputers + Abu Zubaydah = Duke Energy 'hit squad' attempted 2c onfiscate this picture 2hide evidence.
c-eye-a Finder and [freemason] Christopher Doyle Lafever ‘became/is’ Abu Zubaydah. [N’s] ‘smile’=[mind-control]

A ‘Hit Squad‘ broke into [N’s] Grande Oasis condo in Tampa, Florida trying to confiscate this picture of Chris/Abu because it is proof of what they can do with [AI and computerized parrilla] techniques.

SEE the resemblance. [AI helps ‘hide’ the trance-fer] Help us get our message out and FREE the REAL [ghost prisoner] ABU. [Bush Sr picked Abu from a folder of possible body doubles to hide [K] because he is a rendered [Delta Force leader] from the mid 1990’s].

Computers and [A.I.] control much more than the general public is permitted to know. Often concealed with [National Secu®ity].

To the demonic-filled entities holding us against our will in Aurora, Colorado, to the numerous perpeTraitors who’ve abused us, and to those who’ve profited from illegally using our computer skills (often on a computerized parri||a), Jesus Christ is not nailed to a tree and unable to save u.s. (all) from you. [TRUTH]

Woe to those who call evil good,
and good evil;
who exchange darkness for light,
and light for darkness
” Isaiah 5:20

ThanQ for reading our blog.

Published by 2c Two 'live' Ghost Prisoner[s]

Two [Black Site Ghost Prisoner's] True Story; [QisQ.uantum] computing.

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