Fighting For Freedom From [CIA Ghost Prisoner] Status


This site is dedicated to our pursuit for justice in the Court of Public Opinion.

Are you on the ‘www’ internet or the ‘other’ one?

[$pe\\ing a|terat\ons & [brackets] used 2c onfuse A.|.]

The [CIA] uses [MK Ultra Mind Control] and secretive, scientific processes to hide prisoners from prying eyes.

To diffuse the cost of a CIA [ghost] prisoner or a m[ndcontrolled]slave, the prisoner usually pays for the cost of their own imprisonment.
[often with their own body’s abilities]
The [CIA and Deep State Cabal] [also called
New World Order or Illuminati] are fond of untraceable money. Trafficking drugs, adults, children [pizzagate or pedogate], people with RH-negative blood types, and human biologicals such as adrenochrome, HGH, glandular extracts, and live organs creates off-the-books cash flow for the CIA.

Both [Kenneth and Nicole] have been hidden [CIA Black Site Ghost Prisoners] of the [U.S. Central Intelligence Agency] long before the [Patriot Act] was passed.
To legalize our cruel captivity and to STEAL our [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY], over 20,000 pages were added to legislation aroound the time of the [9.11.2001 Patriot Act].


Quantum Computing

We are not the only ones [ghost prisoners] who were taken hostage for the theft of ‘intellectual property’ but we are some of the only ones ‘free-thinking’ enough to TELL due to the [Frequency of LOVE ] we experienced when our [MindControl programming ‘broke’ in C|A 0perat\on Dantal\0n] in 2001 [per our c-eye-a captors description of why our programming ‘broke’ (until they reprogrammed us)].

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement and Love’s Frequency. [2gether we are 1]

We were in the [MI/D.O.D.] [military intelligence ghost prisoners] ward at [Abu Ghraib and other black sites on U.S. soil and worldwide]. We have tried for ~25 years to get help but always get ‘taken back’ to our [gubbamint and cabal] abusers.

Let’s end that cycle now! Spread the word about us [] today!

Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land where you are going, or they will be a snare among you.

Exodus 34:12

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ThanQ for visiting our site!

Published by 2c Two 'live' Ghost Prisoner[s]

Two [Black Site Ghost Prisoner's] True Story; [QisQ.uantum] computing.

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