Two Gitmo Detainees True-Story as [CIA] Ghost Prisoners

Two American survivors of torture at [Guantanamo Bay] and [C.I.A.] Black Sites including Thailand’s infamous [Black Site Green] and a Domestic black site at the state line boundary of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Rossville, Georgia share their Memories.

Former [CIA] Director [Gina Haspel] is personally involved in our TORTURE and unlawful detainment.

Evidence “Disappeared” includes Hamilton County, Tennessee’s “Deleted” Dash Cam recordings of our attempts to Escape a Black Site (SEE Below) and Thailand’s Black Site Green [Torture Tapes] of [US] were also “Deleted”. (See bottom of page for [copy of email] regarding the Deletion of Evidence).

How far can they go to hide the #Truth from the General Public and The Court of Public Opinion ?

Click to Hear Genuine Memory Recall of [Rendition]

∆ Guantanamo Bay 2020 Memory Recall https://chirb.it/rJhDMg

∆ Memorial Day 2020 Memory Recall https://chirb.it/k331td

Ghost Pri$oners, Intellectual Property and 9-11 [and us]
Life as an undocumented 'Ghost Prisoner' of the Intelligence community.
#blacksiteghostprisoner #free_innocentDrAafiaSiddiqui #livedtoTELL [N]* #FreeThePrisonersOfWar
[*common ‘electro’ technique*]

[Aurora, Colorado legal authorities would not process a [Police Report] when [N] reported being a survivor of [U$ Renditon]; she made clothes to wear trying to get help for the flashbacks, nightmares, and Post Traumatic Stress.

The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart (and the Internet)

[CIA] Black $ites and G1tmo [and us]
[CIA] bodypaint color ‘Middle Eastern Bronze’ was used on us.

there is a cell underground at [Gitmo]

[ Torture Is A Crime ]

[transHumanism] and (involuntary) Biohacking with [Neuroklink] used on [“t0p $ecret”] [ghost prisoners] of the [u$]

[ redacted ]

Q.uantum [Super C0mputing and A-eye] [and us]
Quantum Computing
Brain-to-Mind Computer Interface; Brain-to-Brain/Mind/Computer

[Genetic Memory], <computer code>; archeological DNA discoveries; secret advances with Crispr Gene Scissors

[ ∆ Quantum ∆ ]

[Enhanced Interrogation Methods]

[$pe\\ing a|teration$ used 2c onfuse A.i.]

The purpose of this website is to create awareness about Ghost Prisoners.

Other terms used to define invisible prisoners are: ghost detainee
high-value detainee
lone wolf
enemy combatant
ghost captive
and extrajudicial prisoner.
Ghost Detainees are anonymous, often with no name, age, and may not have a date of capture. [$tate $ecrets] exemption and [Nati0nal $ecurity] laws were used to cover-up and/or exhonerate criminal acts, to hide the #Truth from the General Public, and to deny the “Ghost” liberties provided by the U$ Constitution.
In effort to bypass the Geneva Conventions laws prohibiting Torture and mistreatment of prisoners, the U.S. used the term Unlawful Combatant.

Methods used to conceal or punish the detainee [slave] may include:
Enforced Disappearance, Forced Religious Conversion
Extraordinary Rendition; Identity Reassignment
Enhanced Interrogation; Technology-based Memory Control

[To®tu®Ed] to Forget [Is\am]* & Be”Christian” {*other Religions also Forced_2_Convert}

The most interesting method is [Identity Reassignment] which uses high-tech ‘cla$$ified’ methods such as Plastic Surgery (face, nose👃, ears👂, fingerprints, etc.), Gene Editing with Crisp®, Skin and Bone Grafts, Organ Transplants, Chemical Memory Erasure, New Name and Birthday, A®tificial Intelligen©e, [Q.uantum] computers, Cybernetics (biohacking), and computerized Parrilla (brain neural circuit mapping with high voltage Electricity)].

Quantum computers
Imagine what this machine can really do.

We are [gh0st pris0ners] of the [©I@] and have been for many years.

We are [Q.uantum] superc∆mputer pr∆grammers; [STEM scientists].

No g∆vernment or agency officially admitted to having us in custody.

  • technology; legal loopholes; brain entrainment; super computers, A.I.; Quantum Sciences; Rendition; Ghost Prisoners; Artificial Neural Net; Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips
  • Technology; legal loopholes; brain entrainment; super computers, A.I.; Quantum Sciences; Rendition; Ghost Prisoners; Artificial Neural Net; Tesla; Free Energy; Brain Waves; Frequencies
  • Technology; legal loopholes; brain entrainment; super computers, A.I.; Quantum Sciences; Rendition; Ghost Prisoners; Artificial Neural Net; Tesla; Free Energy; Brain Waves; Frequencies; Einstein; Intellectual Property
  • Technology; legal loopholes; brain entrainment; super computers, A.I.; Quantum Sciences; Rendition; Ghost Prisoners; Artificial Neural Net; Tesla; Free Energy; Brain Waves; Frequencies; DNA can be Programmed; Intellectual Property
  • Morphogenic Field; Human Biofield; Electricity; bio "seal"; Frequency; Wavelengths; Vibration; IoT; Mind Bridge
  • Torture is legal after nine eleven; black site; Rendition; ghost detainee prisoners; SERE methods; quantum computer Neural Net memory alteration (to hide crimes)
  • Enhanced Interrogation Methods; E.I.T.; E.T.; Enhanced Interrogation; brainwashing; brain entrainment with torture; under duress
  • Rodney Hastings; g0v torturer for u$; private CONtractor; black site; ghost prisoner; 9-11
  • Trained at "The Farm"; black site interrogator;
  • Guantanamo Bay; Gitmo; Forever Prisoners; Manchurian Candidate; minD Control; brainwashing; hypnosis; frequency access Keys Codes Triggers Spins
  • General Public Denied Truth
  • #truth
  • slavery; ghost prisoner; ghost; high value detainee; operations on u.s. soil

Secretive Courts have been used to hide our Torturous detainment.
For decades, interrogators brutally tortured us trying to force a (fake) confession so they could legitimize their cruel treatment of us.
They never succeeded.


no access to an attorney
never seeing the inside of a public courtroom
no charges were filed
denied bail and bond
denied the right to a jury trial
denied the right to face your accusers in a court of law
denied all civil rights and liberties
and being treated worse than an animal on slaughter day.

Enhanced Interrogation methods are far more severe
than how the fake news media and officials described it.
The public was intentionally misled about waterboarding
to make torture seem ‘not that bad’.
Our enhanced interrogation torture sessions usually began with
waterboarding, and then switched to MORE BRUTAL METHODS.
The ice cold or scalding hot water was usually contaminated or poisoned
and you experienced a drowning death that did not stop.

Medical personnel have access to classified healing technology that hides or heals the torture injuries.
Elaborate brain control methods are used to erase or alter the memory of the torture event.
External control of the brain can be maintained with covert or black hypnosis, a trauma-induced P.T.S.D. trance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
on-going torture, Egyptian Book of the Dead-type rituals, C|A_MK_Ultra_m|nd_control, daily high voltage electroshock such as the human barbeque [parrilla], technological methods hidden behind Nat|onal Secur|ty, and other means.
Medical providers aided in the cycle of killing you over-and-over and bringing you back to the land of the living;
not to oversee your physical well-being or health.
Interrogators relished in the power of taking you to death’s door.

How do you hide two American prisoners at at Black Site on foreign soil?

How do you hide two American prisoners on U.S. soil

Don’t provide their names when asked, use John Doe/Jane Doe names, use the names of currently captured ‘known terrorists’, frame an individual because he/she resembles the body height and weight of the American ghost detainee. 

Names of 911 prisoners used to conceal us included but not limited to; [Abu Zubaydah], [Dr.Aafia Siddiqui], Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “KSM“, and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Due to the fact that personnel continued to pressure the C|A to produce a name for the female ghost prisoner; [Aafia Siddiqui’s] name was used as an alias for [N]*. With a black bag over her head, [N]* was frequently human s-x trafficked OFF-SITE [1] by military personnel and private contractors.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a M.I.T. educated cognitive Neuroscientist, is currently incarcerated at U$ Bureau of Prisons in Fort Carswell in Texas. She was #Rendered and her Intellectual Property was distributed worldwide utilizing secret U$ Courts.

Speaking of things we endured or experienced,
our social media accounts were cloned, compromised and censored.
C|A handlers used social media apps obtained from the dark web/deep web
[i.e. cabal INTRAnet/internet]
to control the actual posting of our social media updates.
The approval or disapproval the post was determined by someone
with ‘dark web’ ADMIN-type rights to our social media accounts.
It only looked like our information was on the clear web.

According to internet traffic waterfall and cascade reports,
our previous website [ Thr0ughtheTrance.com] lost over 85% of it’s web traffic because it ‘fell off’ with 100% packet loss [2]; thereby stopping the traffic before it arrived at our site. Godaddy was the provider and they have already been exposed for censoring websites with patterns such as this.

For years we have been trying to get in front of
The Court of Public Opinion
and we believe Now IS the Time.

Share this today!


Two [Intellectual Property] ghost p®isone®s that survived [U$ Rendition Enhanced In-terr0r-gation Methods] also known as [E.T.] or [E.I.T.] and #LivedToTell

footnotes: [1] Dyncorp and human trafficking in Europe by military contractors and personnel. [2] Website analytics showed godaddy has 100% packet loss of data for TtTrance site. [3] Since 2014 we owned two domains purchased from Godaddy that received little-to-no web traffic; [BringBrennenHome.c0m] and [ThroughTheTrance.c0m]. See Godaddy’s Implementation of SELECTIVE DNS BLACKOUT policy with 100% packet loss here. [N]*’s aunt 5G Carrie Charles used hypnotic suggestions and N.L.P. to program (aka ‘suggest’) her to use godaddy in 2014. Carrie’s legal name is Carrie Lynn Hedaya, formerly Hidayatallah, a spelling variation of a prominent Pakistani family named HIDAYATULLAH.]

Obama tortured [K/N]* using terrorist names.

President Bush publicly admitted the existence of secret prisons [black sites]

During 2001 . Events happened at the Cookevi||e, Tenne$see node of C|A’s Operat|on Danta|ion during the summer of 2001 that forever changed our lives, and the lives of our captors.

[ 9-11 ]

September 11, 2001. In New York City, the Tw|n T0wers were attacked by ‘terr0rists’. Our country was devastated. As a result, Americans were unable to stop the forced passage of [The Patriot Act] and other accompaning laws which granted the government enormous powers on a domestic level without public oversight; hidden behind a veil of [Nat|onal Secur|ty]. These bills were written BEFORE 9||. 22,000 pages were added at the last minute to aid in hiding the detention of American citizens, such as us, without any form of Due Process.

September 17, 2001. “Specific authority for covert operations in the war on terrorism were put in place by a secret ‘presidential finding’ signed by Bush six days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, authorizing broad covert action by the CIA to capture, detain or kill members of al-Qaida anywhere in the world.”

July 24, 2002Attorney General John Ashcroft verbally approved the use of 10 interrogation techniques including “the attention grasp, walling, the facial hold, the facial slap (insult slap), cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, use of diapers and use of insects.” Two days later, Ashcroft verbally approved the use of waterboarding.

August 1st, 2002. Memo from [Jay Bybee, Asst. A.G. to White House Counsel]. John Yoo, Justice Department’s Office of Legal Council attorney, also worked on THE [TORTURE MEMOS] authorizing use of torture after 9-11. The Memorandum for Albert R. Gonzalez, Counsel for [President George Bush Jr], interpreted ‘standards of conduct’ for interrogation of ‘terrorists’ in effort to not defy the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment. Together they authorized ‘enhanced interrogation techniques‘ that were used in the systematic torture of detainees at [Guantanamo Bay] detention camp beginning in 2002 and at the [Abu Ghraib] facility following the United States’ invasion of Iraq in 2003. Like [K]* and [N]*, Jay Bybee lived in Nashville, Tennessee. Jay Bybee also lived in Lexington, Kentucky, just like C|A Director Gina Haspel.

August 2nd, 2002. CIA received word from the White House’s Nat|onal Secur|ty Counc|l that “Dr. Rice had been informed that there would be no briefing of the President on this matter.” We know first-hand this is not the case. We were held prisoner in front of [President George Bush Jr] as he picked ‘white-looking/light-skinned’ individuals that could be chosen/framed to be used for their identity to hide our Black Site detention. His father, [President George H. W. Bush ‘Poppy’] was in communication with him during this process.

2005The Washington Post published an article stating the U.S. was torturing prisoners in secret prisons.

2006. [President Bush] admitted use of torture.

June 2008. [President Bush] lost a U.$. $upreme Court case relating to the detention of prisoners at Gitmo, the [Military Commissions Act of 2006], and if G|tm0 detainees have the legal right to access the court system to file habeas corpus petitions for the court to determine if the prisoner is being held illegally.

October 2008. [President Bush] said he will keep G|tm0 open despite the Supreme Court ruling.

2008President Obama admitted use of torture and that he will keep G|tm0 open despite the rulings and leaked photos of t0rtured pris0ners.

2014Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reported on torture and interrogation.

May 1st, 2018 reported Ex-CIA Official Says Some Torture Videotapes May Still Exist of [Abu Zubaydah].

Al-Nashiri was a thin, light skinned male. One of their aliases for [N]* was al-Nashiri.


Zubaydah [K]* and al_Nashiri [N]*

Two mis-statements spoken by Feinstein and Haspel. “Feinstein herself initially misstated a basic fact about the tapes, saying incorrectly that 92 detainees were shown tortured on the tapes, rather than 92 tapes existed showing the torture of TWO detainees. Gina Haspel said only a single detainee’s torture was videotaped. Feinstein asked Gina Haspel to clarify for the record whether the CIA videotaped the interrogations of ONE or TWO detainees.”  Detainee #1 and Detainee #2

We str0ngly believe ! THIS_IS_US !

[BlackSiteGhostPrisoner.com ]

[ ThroughTheTrance.com ]

We survived Bushie’s ‘freedom tickles’.


ghost prisoner or ghost detainee is a term used in the executive branch of the U.S. government to designate a person held in a detention center, whose identity has been hidden by keeping them unregistered and therefore anonymous.[1] Such uses arose as the Bush administration initiated the [War on Terror] following the 9/11 attacks of 2001 in the United States. As documented in the 2004 [Taguba Report], it was used in the same manner by U.S. officials and contractors of the Joint Interrogation and Debriefing Center at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003–2004.[1]

According to the Swiss senator Dick Marty’s memorandum on “alleged detention in Council of Europe states”, the US C_ntral Intell|gence Ag_ncy (C|A) has captured about one hundred persons on European territory and subsequently rendered them to countries where they may have been tortured. This number of one hundred extraordinarily renderedpersons is in addition to the estimated hundred U.S. ghost detainees.[2]

Senate { In-Tell-A-Lie-gence } 'Intelligence' Committee Report on Torture
We Were There! In Secret! How Far Should the State $ecret Exemption Go? [NatSec]? Does The General Public Have A Right To Know ? (Oral Arguements were in the U$ Supreme Court on October 6, 2021 regarding SS/NS matters) [Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture]

Videos of 9|| Torture Sessions with High-Value Ghost Detainees

“As Jose said, the heat from destroying is nothing compared to what it would be if the tapes ever got into the public domain… they would make us look terrible, it would be ‘devastating’ for us.”

C|A email dated 11.10.2005, document 2007-8808-IG00074

Delete the tapes of the TWO American ghost prisoners. [K]*
is renamed Abu for a season.

Christopher Doyle Lafever [~1990’s] + [parrilla] + [ai] + q.uantum signature + Abu Zubaydah. [Special Agent Lafever impersonated [“Abu”]. [ Chris was said to work with Rendition designer Scheuer] Could this be one of the reasons that {AZ} has been held prisoner for ~ 20 years?

[CIAFINDER] Christopher 'Chris' Doyle Lafever [parrilla 'twinned' with Abu Zubaydah]
‘Chris’ Lafever [Army] deployed pre-911. Confirmed [Finder]. The dog, Marty, belonged to ‘Travis’, another [©|a agent] that tortured us. A “team” attempted to confiscate this picture from [N] in Tampa in 2018 but was UNsuccessful.

al-Nashiri, U.S.$. Cole. [N]* was often disguised as Nashiri by agency and perpeTraitors until {Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s] ghost detainee identity became available for use by U$ to hide having U$ citizens as [High Value Gho$t Detainees] #FreeThePOWs

“Life can change in an second.”C|A whistleblower Jack Kiraikou wrote on a Facebook page. [Jack’s ‘accident’ was the same week as [N]*’s ‘accident.]

C|A Whist|ebl0wer Jack Kiriakou ‘thinks’ he left the Enhanced Interr0gati0n training intact.

Why do we have a link for [PayPal donation] via paypal.me/ThroughtheTrance] ?

For decades the ©IA have,
SYSTEMATICALLY STRIPPED us [and our body doubles] of ALL financial prosperity,
frequently inflicted horrible events in our lives to traumatize our minds,
to create amnesia
and forced ©IA mind control
[opposite of Free Will].

We are recovering from a life of slavery.
($lavery never went away)

Money is a tool; often used for controlling people.

They do NOT want us to have money.
Money buys things and resources.
With access to tools & with [K]*’s returning memories;
he could build something to help us get away from this situation. Once [K] combined crystals, geodes, copper wire, and a power switch… and it turned on! (the g0v confiscated it and a fake story was published in the Nashville, TN newpaper called The Tennessean (~ 2009/2010) to explain the power outages.

Systematically Denied Money
stolen bonuses [Br|dgest0ne, T|tan Tax]
stolen tax returns [identity theft]
stolen inheritances [probate actions & fraud]
fired from jobs [ Bridgest0ne, Hank00k Tire, Br0adstaff, R0llins Market]
tortured on the job [Cumberland Univers|ty, Wal-Mart, sp0rts arenas]
hypn0_tized or tranced on the job [every job]
denied promised new jobs that we Qualified for [$am’s Club]
denied promotions [ Walmart]

prostituted at work [P.T. Acce$$ Netw0rk, Br0ad$taff, Wa|mart]

A paralytic was given to [K] to make him sound like [AZ]. This is the REAL REASON for [AZ’s] “broken English” and [AZ} references to “Rambo”. James Bond-type disguises were used to hide [K] (and [N]). Same with [K$M’s] “red hair”.

When we “escaped” a [Black $ite] (aka: Released with No Formal Charges publicly filed against us); we had few possessions. A couple of blankets, a few changes of clothes. Holes in our socks. Little food to eat. Daily we struggled intensely to survive. Our minds and bodies had been ravaged; tortured into the abyss.
Somehow we had managed to Hold on to EACH OTHER, and the LOVE we shared, and we were GRATEFUL that we #Survived.

[Aarfa Karim’s] sudden death was said to be similar to what we witnessed [Otto Wa®mbier] experience. [DNA ComPUTING with a q.uantum sup€® ©∆mputer, A.👁️ & Electricity Pa®®illa (human body/brain uses electricity)]

We need a new website
Our current website gets zero traffic.
Our previous websites did not get web traffic or donations.

Donate here at paypal.me/ThroughtheTrance

#twintowers #911 #ghostprisoner
Blamed for this in secret. Released in secret. Do you Think the Public Deserves To Know ? How far does [Nati0nal Security] go?

“And do not conceal Testimony, for whoever conceals it – his heart is indeed sinful, and Allah is Knowing of what you do”.

Surat Al-Baqarah 2:283

“Remember this day in which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of slavery, for by a strong hand the Lord brought you out from this place.

Exodus 13:3

Quantum Entanglement #trueloveisQuantum
True Love and Quantum Entanglement


[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By [CI@]

[$pe//!ng alterati0ns 2confuse A.i.] Would the see-i-@ hold computer programmers as [invisible ‘ghost’ prisoners] ? Would the agency ‘own’ your intellectual property? Could they- or would they – use an individual’s intellectual property to make large technological leaps but keep the money for themselves? We were [ILLEGALLY rendered]. The [Government] wanted TOTAL CONTROL over ourContinue reading “[Q.uantum] SuperC0mputer Pr0grammers; Held By [CI@]”

Fighting For Freedom From [see-eye-A Ghost Prisoner] Status

BAN THE [U.S. PATRIOT ACT] NOW This site is dedicated to our pursuit for Justice in the Court of Public Opinion. [$pe\\ing a|terat\ons & [brackets] used 2c onfuse A.|.] The [CIA] uses [MK Ultra Mind Control] and secretive, scientific processes [including FreQuency-based, cell phone hypNOsis] in Attempt to Hide things (such as the ghost prisonerContinue reading “Fighting For Freedom From [see-eye-A Ghost Prisoner] Status”

Even [911] Won’t Help American [Ghost Prisoners]

After 8pm on May 9th, 2020: I, [N]*, called 911 to report being [Ghost Prisoners] of the [C.I.A.], to file a report about the denial of our [Constitutional Rights] at [black sites] while being [tortured] for the past 20 years, and to get help my for husband’s [Gitmo] flashback. Once again, help was denied. IContinue reading “Even [911] Won’t Help American [Ghost Prisoners]”

We speak for the hidden Prisoners of War, the Missing, the Enforced Disappeared. [ #Rendition ]

[ BlackSiteGhostPrisoner.wordpress.com ]

∆ Quantum Equation ∆

Click Here To Read More About [us]

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